girlfriend lost hearing after he struck her


Boyfriend / ex lost hearing after he struck her DALLAS Johnny Manziel’s ex girl said in an affidavit the Cleveland Browns quarterback hit her so hard during a late night confrontation she lost hearing in one ear. Colleen Crowley’s affidavit, Posted online Monday, Says Manziel dragged her into a car last month after she tried to escape him Martellus Bennett Jersey. Crowley accused Manziel of eye-catching her in her left ear. Crowley detailed the alleged attack as part of proceedings to find a protective order against Manziel, 23, Who is under criminal homework on allegations of domestic violence. Crowley a break down ruptured eardrum, Which is anticipated to eventually heal, Her criminal attorney, Kathy Kinser, Pointed out. Most Read Stories’He’s not gonna shoot me about a 6 pack of beer’: Report ideas deadly shootout in April between Seattle police, Suspect WATCHYou and your dentist could quite possibly have a bone to pick with Delta Dental Op Ed$500M hole: How hot financial climate, City requests punctured Sound Transit’s Lynnwood light rail budget VIEWBlair Walsh’s bad day will surely have cost the Seahawks a win, But give him credit for owning it WATCHTexas church gunman sent hostile sms before attack VIEWSale! Save over 90% on electronic digital digital access. Manziel, A Heisman Trophy winner from Texas A whose competent career has been marred by headlines about his drinking and other personal issues, Is anticipated to be cut by the Browns next month. January. 30. Crowley accused Manziel of throwing her onto his bed after the two talked about him”Being with a girl who had caused us problems during days gone by, Crowley said she experimented with leave, But he restrained with a leash her and led her downstairs to the valet, Where he described her to his car. She said the valet dismissed her pleas for help. Crowley and Manziel eventually made it to her vehicle before a Dallas bar, Her affidavit promises. Manziel allegedly got into the driver’s seat of her car and to be able to back out of the spot. She said she popped her door and jumped out, Looking hide. She accused him of pursuing her down, Throwing her to the car and hitting her left ear. “Fearful for my entire life, I reach(Manziel) Several times a day, Hoping I could back from car, She said from a affidavit, Adding more Manziel”Threw me off of him and I hit my head on the car window and I fell into the voyager floorboard, Law enforcement officials have said Manziel and Crowley drove to Fort Worth, Where they constant arguing before Manziel fled on foot. McCoy’s party supposedly was in nightclub brawl PHILADELPHIA Running back LeSean McCoy of the Buffalo Bills is under investigation over a Philadelphia nightclub brawl early Sunday that left two off duty police injured, One with a broken nose and broken ribs and the other with remedy skull fracture. The incident reportedly occurred after a spat between McCoy’s party and the officers over a bottle of champagne One expert had a broken nose, Broken ribs and a sprained thumb and remained put in the hospital, Public said, While the second received stitches and had remedy skull fracture. “Certainly over a bottle of sparkling wine, Nothing warrants an assault like that, Law Lt. John Stanford alleged. A person familiar with the analyze confirmed to The Associated Press that McCoy was one of the four men under exploration McCoy played for the debts last season after being traded from the Philadelphia Eagles, Where he played for six times. The Bills released a statement saying they were aware of the report and were gathering documents. Police said they didn’t want to publicly identify the four suspects until arrest warrants are approved, Though they said at least some had NFL relationships. McCoy, 27, Supposedly was with ex San Diego running back Curtis Brinkley, 30; Former or perhaps of Pittsburgh player Tamarcus Porter, 27; And captain christopher Henderson, 26. The officers did not identify their business as policemen to their alleged attackers, Stanford claims. The fight over the champagne appeared to result from a disbelief. Stanford said a member of the football players’ party thought a bottle belonged to his group but receipts showed this didn’t. Miller basks in success SAN FRANCISCO On top of his game and now anyone, Von Miller’s docket is quickly answering. A march. Lots of individuals or groups. A princely wage day. “I was just asking Coach(Whilst gary) Kubiak, I was asking if you could make the plane do back flips in the process home, Linebacker Miller said Monday after recognizing the Super Bowl MVP trophy from commissioner Roger Goodell. “It’s bound to be a magical week for us, It must be a magical offseason for Miller, Who led Denver’s dominating defense to a 24 10 clobbering of qb Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers on Sunday.

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